Best Destination in Lovina North Bali

14 December 2014
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14 December 2014, Comments Comments Off on Best Destination in Lovina North Bali

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach Dolphin Statue

The black sand beaches around Lovina are best at Kalibukbuk where you’ll often see a large number of yachts anchored offshore. While Lovina is not a perfect beach destination, it is clean enough to go for a swim and pleasant enough to hang around for a few hours.

Sidatapa Traditional village

Sidatapa Traditional Village in North Bali

Sidatapa village is one of the old villages in the Central North Bali, precisely located 20 km west of Singaraja town. What interesting to see here is the rectangle house divided into three parts: innermost, middle and outermost part. The three sections are separated with wooden partition and connected with wooden door. Meanwhile, the innermost part consists of several smaller partitions used for sacred places. Here villagers place all the shrines in the house (unlike most Balinese people placing all shrines outside the house). Middle part is the place for the ancestors, kitchen and living room, while at the outermost part comprises the entrance to the house.

Les Waterfall


After a brief drive up to the car park, you will be shown a car parking spot in front of a cafe and told about the mandatory donation, allegedly used to pay cleaners and maintainers of the path.

On our visit, there were no such employees visible and the donation book had countless entries of people donating 100,000 rupiah — don’t feel intimidated to donate any more than 5,000 rupiah for your group; but no donation and you may find the wheels of your car missing when you return.

Git Git Waterfalls


A short drive from the resort is the Gitgit village – where you can visit three beautiful waterfalls. The southernmost drops about 50m, the highest and most impressive waterfall on the island. Take a dip in the cool mountain water if you’re feeling adventurous or just sit back and admire natures force.The Bali Jordy Tour also has access to a hither to private and secret waterfalls on private property. This cultural gem is a must see on your trip North.

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