Full Day Lovina Tour

Full Day Lovina Bali Tours is one of the best trip to north coast of Bali, the Dolphin graceful mammal, who love to sneak out to the surface and breath with soft pool right next to boat. Lovina beach is one of the best places for family trip with its famous morning dolphin trip as well as other activities such as snorkeling and sightseeing.

The Places of Interest will be visited on Full Day Lovina Bali Tours :

Singaraja Museum

Singaraja – In the former colonial capital of Bali, the old market town of Singaraja in the district of Buleleng, you will find a unique library named “Gedong Kirtya“.

This library annex museum collects, copies and preserves thousands of lontar (manuscripts made of palm leaf), “prasati” (transcriptions on metal plates) and books which deal with various aspects of human life, such as religion, architecture, philosophy, genealogy, homeopathy, “usada” (medical manuscripts), black magic, and so on, in the Balinese, Kawi (old Javanese) and the Dutch, English and German language.

Gitgit – Highest Bali Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall is an amazing waterfall situated in the rain forest, 20 minutes away from Singaraja town. This waterfall. This waterfall is featured  by  a waterfall with 35 meters high surrounded by tropical trees located at Gitgit country side. It is one of the famous tourist destination in north part of Bali interested to visit on this tour.

Temple on The Lake

The name of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is taken from the lake where the temple is built at Beratan Lake. The name of Beratan Lake is inseparable with the Beratan Mount as Deity and Goddess as fertility source, prosperity to keep the prosperity in life and society life. In papyrus chronicle of the Mengwi, this temple is referred as the name of Parhyangan ri pinggiring danu Beratan (sanctum located in lakeside of Beratan Lake ). Ulun is come from Hulu word meaning head or power and in this case is intended by Ulun Danu Beratan means power of Beratan Lake that is Danu Goddess.

Bitanical Garden

Bali Botanic Garden is unique in Bali as a place for botanical research, conservation, education and recreation. It provides a place where you can relax in beautiful and peaceful surroundings while learning about the use of plants in the daily lives of Balinese people as well as many interesting tropical rainforest plants and birdlife.

The Bali Botanic Garden is situated on 1250-1450 m alt. with area 157.5 hectares (389 acres). Temperature is about 17 – 25 centigrade in daytime drop to 10 – 15 centigrade at night with humidity 70-90%. The weather is unpredictable, please prepare warm clothe, umbrella or rain coat.

Banjar Hot Spring

There are three baths were you can puddle in 37 degrees Celsius, ideal for people suffering from rheumatic diseases.. The springs are separated into 3 areas; the top area is the hottest. The last has water falling from about 20 feet and it can give you a great massage.

Buddhist Temple of Banjar

Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Monastery is located about 5 kilometers southwest of central Lovina and it is around a two-kilometer drive from the hot spring of Banjar through the Banjar Tegeha village.

Price : 50 Euro

Full Day Lovina Bali Tours Itinerary :

  • 09:00 – Pick up at the hotel ( Lovina Area )
  • 05.00 – Back to hotel

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