Things to do in Lovina North Bali

14 December 2014
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14 December 2014, Comments Comments Off on Things to do in Lovina North Bali

Lovina Activities

If lazing by the pool all day is not your thing, you can always get involved in some of Lovina’s holiday activities. From day trips to sightseeing, there is bound to be something that will spark your interest.

Balinese Cooking Classes

Taking a cooking class is a fun way to enjoy Bali, experience the culture and people and prepare and eat some wonderful food. Most follow a similar formula. First a trip to the market to buy ingredients, (where you will learn how difficult it is to shop without a good grasp of Indonesian!) and experience local colour. Then cooking for the morning or maybe the rest of the day. Followed by the feast that you have prepared. I cannot recommend this too highly for everyone who loves good food or just wants to experience the culture and people first hand.

Adjani Balinese Cooking Class

Adjani Bali Lovina Cooking Class

Balinese cooking Class for all skill levels. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian, your choice. You can put your own course together if you contact in advance. In 2 – 3 hours you will learn to cook five different dishes. If you like to cook, or you like Balinese food and want to be able to cook it on your return home, you will love this.

Go into town – Explore Singaraja

Singaraja is the largest city in North Bali and the former colonial capital. Singaraja still has some of the feel of an old colonial capital. The streets are wider and grander than elsewhere in Bali and some of the old houses set in large gardens remind us of days long gone.Singaraja is different to other towns and cities in Bali. There is an Arabic influence in the district near the old docks called Kampung Arab and Singaraja also has the largest Chinese temple in Bali. Singaraja is also a major academic center with 2 universities swelling the population to over 100,000.

Hot and cold springs

Lovina hosts the unusual combination of natural cold and hot springs. The cold springs are a peculiar spectacle: cold spring water flows into a large pool made from volcanic rocks and later continues onwards into the ocean. The water is crystalline and for a small fee you can bask in the sun while enjoying the refreshing spring water.

Go during the week and you’ll be practically alone and during the weekend, laugh along with the local families.For a therapeutic treatment, make your way to the gorgeous hot springs. Perched amidst the exuberant tropical vegetation of a nearby mountain, warm water flowing from Bali’s volcanic soil gushes out of the stone carved mouths of Balinese statues. The natural smell of sulphur adds a healing touch to the relaxing experience.


Not to be missed on a North Bali itinerary is a visit to the lakes. Lake Beratan and its exotic Ulun Danu temple is straight out of a postcard. Lake Buyan is a sight to be seen. Once a volcanic crater – it is now surrounded by villages that cultivate tasty strawberries. You’ll probably pass more than a few friendly macaque monkeys along the way!

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